Ragunan Bio Park

Island of Nature


Ragunan Bio Park


Jakarta, Indonesia




Master Plan

Landscape Planning

Zoo Design


1st Winner, Competition.


Studio Sae

Ragunan Bio Park is a 150 ha site of zoo in Jakarta. The vision of the development is to create an educational and wildlife conservation centre that showcase Indonesia’s archipelago native wildlife and habitat. SIURA in collaboration with Studio SA_e proposed the concept of eco-centric design approach for the entire development. Existing infrastructure is enhanced with naturalisation. The site potential is transformed into the natural habitat theme zone. Life on Wetland, Grassland, Rainforest Floor and Forest Canopy is introduced to accommodate wildlife belong to these habitats. Eco lodge and adventure park is added as part of the bio-park experience living in nature. Forest Verandah is designed for community public park and arrival courtyard. The existing lake is treated and cleansed with wetland terrace. This scheme won 1st prize winner for the competition.