Gardens by the Cliff


Jogjakarta, Indonesia




Master Plan

Landscape Planning


3rd Winner, Competition

The design brief call for a masterplan design that showcase the identity representation of Jogjakarta. The site is located at the high hill with views toward the south beach sea.

The design approach is based on Javanese philosophy “Memayu Hayuning Bawana” meaning living in harmony with nature. A landmark is represented by a 45m height viewing tower with series of circular ramp facing all directions of the site. The viewing tower design inspired by the local batik pattern, Kawung. Visitors will walk over this ramp, contemplate before reach the peak of tower to appreciate the nature of the site. The site can be explored by tree top walk as part of the strategy to minimise the disturbance to existing vegetation. Other buildings within the development functions as museum, hotels, conservation, education centre, convention centre, art and craft workshop to support the local community.